Wed. Jul 28th, 2021


Our environment:  It’s our duty to keep our environment neat and clean. A clean environment is necessary for a neat and peaceful life.

Natural environment helps humans and animals to live their day-to-day life. They provide fresh air, vegetables, fruits, water and so on. But due to some Selfish and bad attitudes of humans, the environment gets spoiled. Thus, it is the duty of the human beings to take care of our environment by preventing pollution and avoiding deforestation.

The types of pollution which are caused due to humans are:

Air pollution:   

Air pollution occurs due to the increased number of vehicles, increased number of waste discharge from the industries, burning plastics and so on.

Thus, humans must take step to control air pollution by following ways.

Instead of burning papers, glass bottles, plastics try to recycle them which conserve energy and reduce production emission.

Plant at least one tree at your neighbourhoods.

Try to use solar electricity at your homes.

Choose not to smoke anywhere outside the smoking area.

 Water pollution

Just like air pollution, water pollution is also one of the major threats caused by human beings. Water pollution which are caused due to several factors like mixing chemical wastages from the industries, polluting the Lakes and ponds and lakes.

 Methods to control water pollution are:

Do not flush pills, powder medications or any solid waste into your toilet.

Do not pour oil based foods, fat or cheesy foods stuffs in your sinks.

Do not dispose any kinds of chemicals, motor oil or other automotive fluids into the sanitary sewer which may end at the river.

Noise pollution:

Whenever the sound is excessive or unpleasant, noise pollution occurs. Loud music, sounds raised by the traffic jams on the roads; electrical appliances sound, etc. are all examples of noise pollution.

The ways to control noise pollution are:

Planting number of trees around your atmosphere may reduce noise pollution.

Avoid noise producing industries from the city areas.

Sound absorption can be done by constructing windows with double or triple panes of glass with sound absorbing material.

Water Pollution

Most of the Earth is covered with water. Most of the water is found in the oceans and seas. We cannot use water from the oceans as it has lots of salt in it. We get fresh water for use from Lakes, Rivers, springs and ponds. Clean water has no smell, Colour and taste.

Polluted Water

When rivers pass through cities, dirt, mud, plastic, paper, oil, garbage and chemicals mix in the water, making it water polluted. The harmful things that make water polluted are called Pollutants.

Polluted water is not safe for drinking. These pollutants can make water look and smell bad.

Pollution Affects Us

Polluted water smells very bad and has many germs growing in it. Mosquitoes and insects breed in polluted water and spread various diseases. Humans as well as animals also get sick when they use this polluted water. Even plants do not grow well with polluted water.

Purifying Water

We need to purify water to make it fit for drinking.

Some people boil tap water. When water boils, it becomes very hot and the germs are killed.

Many people use special water filters to purify water. These filters have layers of sand, gravel and charcoal, which helps to filter out dirt in the water. We can also use purification tablets to kill germs and clean the water.