Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

General Knowledge Quiz 56

Union Government has decided to launch 'National Urban Aajeevika Mission' in 2013-14 for poverty alleviation, in urban areas. This programme will replace - ?  

To preserve the filaments at high temprature, which gas is filled in the electric bulbs ?  

The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of  ?  

The new Director-General (w.e.f. September 1,2013) of world Trade Organisation(WTO) is - ?  

What is the chemical name of Baking Soda ?  

Tripitakas are sacred books of  ?  

The new Director-General of WTO Mr. Roberto Azevedo belongs to - ?  

Tirupati Balaji Temple at Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh, one of the richest place of worship in the world, is dedicated to which Hindu god ?  

The theory of economic drain of India during British imperialism was propounded by ?  

NCEAR has projected India's GDP growth for the year 2013-14 at ?  

In which city in Maharashtra is the 'Chaitya Bhoomi', the cremation site of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, located ?  

The treaty of Srirangapatna was signed between Tipu Sultan and ?  

P.V. Sindhu was recently in news, associated with which of the following sports ?  

To send a letter to a member of Indian scientific expedition stationed at Indian base station 'Maitreyi' in Antarctica, the pin code of which city would you write in the address ?  

Through which one of the following, the king exercised his control over villages in the Vijayanagar Empire ?