Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

General Knowledge Quiz 46

The 'Dakshinamurti' idol of shiva depicts him in which form?  

What is the popular name of Magnesium Sulphate, a white crystalline salt used in medicine and in leather processing ?  

With which of the following movements is Aruna Asaf Ali associated?  

Paradip port, a major port on the Bay of Bengal, is located in which Indian state ?  

Who among the following was the envoy of the British King James I at Jahangir's court?  

The Ilbert Bill, by which Indian judges were allowed to try the European offenders in criminal cases, was introduced by which Governor-General of India in 1883 ?  

Lahore session of Muslim League(1940)was presided over by - ?  

Where was the 'Project Tiger', the tiger protection programme, launched on 1 April 1973 ?  

Which Nobel laureate authored the novel 'A House for Mr. Biswas' ?  

Who said "Tilak is the father of Indian unrest" ?