Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Entertainment Quiz 8

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1. Who played the female lead in the film 'Pushpak'?

2. Which of these actresses won the Best Actress National Award for three consecutive years?

3. In the film 'Mirch Masala' who played the role of a despotic tax collector?

4. Which of these albums has five women from different streams of music singing together?

5. With which famous singer would you associate Graceland Mansion?

6. Which singer acted as a child artist in the film 'Betaab'?

7. Which was the first film to win the Filmfare Award for Best Picture?

8. Which of these actresses was once married to director Kamal Amrohi?

9. Which film of Smita Patil was based on the life of actress Hansa Wadkar?

10. Which cartoon character was originally created as a human character?