Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Entertainment Quiz 5

Entertainment is defined as

1. Who among these collaborated with Jagjit Singh for the album 'Sajda'?

2. In the film 'The Lion King' who was the evil brother of King Mufasa?

3. Which music director joined Ilaiyaraaja's troupe as a keyboard player at the age of 11?

4. Which film was made twice by Cecil B. DeMille?

5. Which Indian actress married Russian painter Svetoslav Roerich?

6. Who was the first singer to win the Best Playback Singer Filmfare Award?

7. Whose first directorial venture is titled as 'Everybody Says I'm Fine'?

8. Which animal was the central character of the film 'Jaws'?

9. Which actress made her Hindi film debut in 'Sapnon ka Saudagar'?

10. In the film 'Anand', who played the role of Anand?