Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Economic Quiz 3

1. Fiscal deficit in the Union Budget means

2. National Agricultural Insurance Scheme replacing Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme was introduced in the year

3. Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in the year

4. Of the gross tax revenue of the Union Government the indirect taxes account for nearly

5. Notes on which denomination has the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi printer on them?

6. If the fiscal deficit of the Union Government is Rs. 75,000 crores relending to State is Rs. 25,000 crores, interest payments are Rs. 25,000 crores, what is the amount of the primary deficit?

7. In India, rural incomes are generally lower than the urban incomes, which of the following reasons account for this?
  1. A large number of farmers are illiterate and know little about scientific agriculture
  2. Prices of primary products are lower than those of manufactured products
  3. Investment in agriculture has been low when compared to investment in industry

8. The banks are required to maintain a certain ratio between their cash in the hand and totals assets. This is called

9. Devaluation of currency will be more beneficial if

10. The current price index (base 1960) is nearly 330. This means that