Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Aptitude Test-2

analytical aptitude questions

1. A sum of Rs. 3310 is to be paid back in 3equal annual installments. What is the total interest charged if the interest is compounded annually at 10%?

2. Going 50 m to the South of her house, a girl turns left and goes another 20 m. Then, turning to the North, she goes 30 M and then starts walking towards her house. In which direction is she walking now?

3. A number is multiplied by 9 and 9 is added to it. If the result is divisible by 17, the number is

4. At what time between 6 and 7 are the hands of the clock coincide?

5. Three solid cubes of edges 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm are melted to form a new cube. The edge of the new cube is

6. Two taps can fill a tank in 18 and 24 min respectively. When both the taps are opened find when the first tap be turned off so that the tank may be filled in 12 min.

7. If 830 is divided into three parts such that 4 times the first part is equal to 5 times the second and 7 times the third, the first part is

8. If the annual increase of the population of a town is 75 per thousand of previous year and the present population is 3418801, what was the population four years ago?

9. A shopkeeper marks his goods 20% above his cost price but allows a discount of 8% for cash. What is his profit percent?

10. What is the length of the longest rod that can be placed in a room 10m long, 6m broad and 4m high?