Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Aptitude Test-1

reasoning aptitude test

1. A class of 356 votes has to choose the president. With 5 candidates seeking office, what is the least number of votes a successful candidate could receive to win?

2. How many lead ball each of radius 1 cm can make a sphere of radius 8 cm?

3. In an apartment exactly 1/3rd of flats have two bedrooms and exactly 1/7th of flats have three bedrooms. How many flats could be there?

4. Two pipes can fill a tank in 4 hr and 5 hr respectively. If they are turned on alternatively for 1 hr each, the tank will be filled in?

5. In a race the speeds of A and B are in ratio of 3:4. A takes 30 min more than B to reach the target. Time taken by A to reach target is

6. 1, 4, 2, 8, 6, 24, 22, 88, ___

7. The sum of n different positive integers is less than 100. What is the maximum possible value of n?

8. If a train running at 72 kmph crosses a tree in 7 s its length is

9. A father’s age is 4 times the age of his elder son and 5 times the age of his younger son. When the elder son lived to three times his present age, then father’s age will exceed his younger son’s age by 3 yrs. What is the age of the father?

10. A camp has provisions to last for 6 days for 224 cadets. How many cadets must be sent away for the provisions to last for 7 days?